About Duckworks

Duckworks Aviation was started in 1992 by Don & Janet Wentz. As Don was finishing the wings for his RV-6 he developed a Landing Light kit that addressed some issues with kits that were available then. When Van's asked if we wanted to add it to their Accessory Catalog, we agreed and sales really took off. Since then Duckworks lights have been the preferred RV Landing Light system.


Who does the work?
Since 92, Janet ran Duckworks, doing everything outside of design.

In 06, after 27 years in HiTech, I 'retired' and Janet went to work for the local School District.

She did a GREAT job all those years.

In 2008 I went back into HiTech and the pressure of that job along with Duckworks was way too much stress for me.

So, we took on Brenda and Richard Squires as partners at the end of 2008. You may also know Richard as a key part of Langair Machining - the company who has been making RV landing gear and spars for decades.

Richard has been pretty much running Duckworks the last 3.5 years with me in the background helping where needed.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, comments, or need additional parts.
Happy Building!!!


Our RV-6

Son Douglas poses with a shiny clean RV after helping Dad wash it.

Of course, Doug is in College now!

Don & Janet somewhere over Montana returning from OSH.

One of the reasons the RV Series are so much fun - Aerobatics!