Zenith Light Upgrade Kits

Duckworks Aviation is proud to supply upgrades to the standard Zenith sealed beam 4509 lights. These can improve lighting, reduce operational recurring costs and improve bulb life.

From round PAR-36 enclosures that allow you to use the Halogen lamp of your choice (55W or 100W), to the extremely bright yet low power draw 50W HID, these options will definitely improve your lighting capabilities.

Light Bulb and Kit Options

These pictures show the 100W std light above our HID Upgrade light. Notice not just the brightness, but the increased ground coverage (Lance Gingell photos).

Lance Gingell shows a 'before' shot with a 100W lamp

Lance Gingell shows an 'after' shot with a 35W HID lamp

Halogen Retrofits

PAR-36 Halogen Lamp Retrofits

  • Replace a burnt-out 4509 with this enclosure
  • Allows you to use a 55W or 100W "GE H3" Halogen Bulb (retail < $10)
  • Our >17 year experience with the H3 Halogen is that it lasts longer

Note - Philips has developed a 55w replacement bulb (CrystalVision(TM)) that has a whiter/brighter output at the same power draw. This bulb is available from Duckworks for $19.

Aircraft Model

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Zenair Round



Zenair Round



Zenair Round



Zenair Round




HID Retrofits

Why Do This Retrofit?

Many of these aircraft have a limited alternator output (20A nominal).
A single 100W lamp:

  • uses 8A which leaves little power available when the lamp is in use (and precludes using both lamps at once)
  • does put out decent light
  • can have a limited useful life

Our 55W Low Cost HID PAR-36 Combo:

  • is an easy retrofit that will reduce power usage from 8A to 5A
  • provides significantly more light output
  • lasts longer than the TBO on your engine
Round Enclosure with 55W Low Cost HID Lamp

Round HID Retrofits

To order Kits, Lights, or Upgrades by MAIL, go to the Zenith Order Forms on our Ordering Info page.

Please note that we have discontinued the 35W HID units. The 50W HID is still a big improvement over a 100W halogen bulb - both in light output and reduced power draw for aircraft with 20A alternators.

We're offering a combination of the Low Cost 50W HID in our Round PAR-36 H3 enclosure at a special Combo price. This Round HID lamp fits directly in your existing 4509 mounts for very easy upgrades.

See our FAQs for questions. Click here for the Upgrades page.

Upgrade Kit

Duckworks Part Number



Convert Zenith 100W Halogen to Low Cost 50W HID 'Xenon'



Convert Zenith 100W Halogen to Low Cost 50W HID 'Xenon'

ZEN-RND-HID-50W (2 Sets)


HID Retrofit Instructions

In case you're wondering how difficult the Retrofit is, we've posted the instructions so you can take a look at them.

  • More Information - Instructions


    Retrofit FAQs

  • What if I am currently using a Flash or WigWag device?
    • With the co-location of the Zenith lights, you should only be flashing one lamp. If you alternately flash both, they basically cancel each other out. You could replace one lamp with the HID and continue to flash the remaining light. If you do replace both lamps with HID, you can Flash one of the HID units, but be very sure that you warm up the HID for a full 30 seconds before beginning the Flash. Note that some flashing devices will not successfully flash HID units.

      IF you are flashing the 'standard aircraft lamp' and it burns-out too often, replace it with our 100W Round unit. I flashed 2 of these over 300 hours without failure in an RV. You can order these units on our Upgrades page - look for "100W Round Lights".