RV Wing Tip Light Kits

We would like to offer builders some other 'options' for Wing Tip lights.

One 'option' is to offer a low cost HID Replacement Lamp for the MR-16 Wingtip installations.

Another is our new small Round LED installation kit.

Main parts in LED Kit - WT-Kit-Round-LEDInstalled Round LED Wingtip Light Kit - WT-Kit-Round-LED

Round WingTip LED Installation Kit

Summer 2014 - Updated the light to eliminate Radio Noise. Lowered price too

This Kit provides a very easy and attractive LED option for the Van's wingtip cutouts.

This is the first LED we have tested that could put light on trees at over 1000 feet away!

  • Extremely bright white light output
  • Easy installation Kit with instructions included (1 hour Install time)
  • ‘Lifetime’ LED (no filament to burn-out)
  • This LED Lamp can be Flashed (separate Flasher required)
  • Extremely low power draw - Less than 1 Amp at 13v (9W!!)
  • Low heat generation (>24hr bench test in a wingtip)
  • Light weight, less than 1 pound installed
  • This lamp far outperforms an MR-16 Halogen and has a longer beam than an MR-16 HID

Note - this is an installation kit with Mount and Lamp. Most builders will have some resin/epoxy and cloth on hand - IF NOT, we have listed a Materials Kit for you.


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Any Van's WingTip Cutout



Any Van's WingTip Cutout

WT-Kit-Round-LED (2 units)


WT LED Installation Materials

WT-LED-Materials-Kit (enough for 2 units)